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August 7, 2007: Business Name Changed to Logifuse. New Name Offers Broader Products and Services.

As part of a new marketing and branding effort, the executive board made the decision to change the business name to Logifuse.

"Changing the company's name doesn't change the quality of our products and services, it better defines our niche in this emerging market" says the regional manager for Logifuse. "We wanted an image that would better convey our business strategy and focus on our primary business objective of fusing together logical business systems, driving to business excellence."

Logifuse was chosen as an icon for merging or "fusing" logical business systems.

In addition to the name change, Logifuse now has a new website http://www.logifuse.com, which is part of the new marketing strategy. The website also features intranet capabilities for Logifuse's valued clients.